Community Cafe
Kenny Ashley - Pastor
I'm just a guy with a hole in his heart who's trying to trust God enough to let Him fill it up. I'm learning that He is my Papa and I'm his boy. I'll always be His boy if I live to be a million. Culture, religion, parents and people have molded my belief system. Some of it is good and true, and some of it is bad and false. Papa is helping me change the filter thru which I process life. Sometimes the journey is breathtakingly fast. Other times seem like I'm going backwards. It's a journey, not a destination. You are welcome to join me. I promise not to judge you for not being farther along in your journey with Papa if you will return the favor. Maybe we can help each other get there a little faster with a little encouragement and mutual love and honesty. I hope so. Welcome to my world. I hope you will invite me to share in yours.